Business location

General information

The geographical location of the state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern between the metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Berlin and its closeness to the A 24 and A 20 motorways make it a particularly attractive address for companies. [more]

Industrial and business sectors

The economic strength of Schwerin is based on a healthy mix of major companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative companies and individual businesses in efficient and fast-growing sectors. The range of benefits offered by the location is supplemented by functioning networks, first-class infrastructure and the variety of options to obtain capital and services on site. [more]

Facts & figures

Politics and administration, business, industry and science, the media and the citizens all require up-to-date and assured data. The state capital Schwerin provides reliable information for all important areas of life for the entire city, the individual districts, and also for the region of Westmecklenburg. [more]

Grants for innovative products or services

Consultancy firms specialised in offering support and advice to founders of new businesses and established companies. [more]

Location consultancy

Companies wishing to set up, expand or restructure their operations in Schwerin receive a one-stop, comprehensive service package from “Stabsstelle Kommunale Wirtschaftsförderung und Tourismus” – (Administrative Department for Local Business Development and Tourism). We find suitable premises and take care of all projects from A to Z. [more]


Landeshauptstadt Schwerin

Dezernat III - Wirtschaft, Bauen und Ordnung

Am Packhof 2-6
19053 Schwerin

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Bernd Nottebaum
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