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Courses of study and further vocational training in a region with plenty of culture and a promising future – this is what Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have to offer. At the same time, the academic institutions are important partners for business and industry. [more]

Jobs for the future

Schwerin cannot shield itself from the advancing process of the global economic network, but must take advantage of the opportunities afforded by globalisation. Global players, institutions and regions think and work in networks in which knowledge can be generated, exchanged and traded most effectively. Schwerin scores here, for instance, with its Kompetenzzentrum für Wasserstofftechnik – Centre of Excellence for Hydrogen Technology. [more]


Landeshauptstadt Schwerin

Dezernat III - Wirtschaft, Bauen und Ordnung

Am Packhof 2-6
19053 Schwerin

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Bernd Nottebaum
Beigeordneter Dezernent III und 1. Stellvertreter des Oberbürgermeisters
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