Residential location

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"Lebenshauptstadt Schwerin" - Your capital for living in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Schwerin is much more than just a tourist destination to visit the famous palace. Investors are already convinced by the State Capital – as is witnessed by the latest establishment of major, internationally operating companies. This development is also due to the fact the city is an attractive place to live and work.

Living by the water

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"Often with lake view." These words describe in a nutshell the key feature of the properties offered by Schwerin. The many large and small lakes make up about a third of the entire area of the city.

Thousands of apartments and single-family homes have been built since 1990. Property offers in the city centre and by the water are much in demand. And this demand is constantly rising. This is why the State Capital Schwerin will be earmarking further projects for the housing market in the coming years.

But it is not only the housing market that has made Schwerin a well-balanced place to live in. On the contrary, this is due to the complete package offered by its position, infrastructure and proximity to nature.

Schwerin - a good place to live and work

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Employees represent a priceless potential for every company. For this reason, our business promotion supports the companies in making the location of Schwerin more attractive and keeping young people in the region. The number of employees subject to compulsory social insurance continues to grow.

There are currently some 34,000 employees paying social insurance in Schwerin, of which over 5,300 in the manufacturing sector. There about 1,000 artisan enterprises in the city. Some 1,000 men and women work in the Schwerin Industrial Park alone.


Facts & Figures on the residential and working location

As of 30th July 2017, the State Capital Schwerin has a population of 99,246. The average age is 46.5 years.

The proportion of foreigners is 6.6 %. They come from more than 100 countries.  The unemployment rate (2017) is 8.6%

Childcare In Schwerin, there are a total of 46 child daycare centres provided by 16 organisations with 1,231 nursery places, 2,963 daycare places and 2,511 after-school places as well as 61 daycare personnel with 293 childcare places (2016)

Overall, in the 2016/2017 school year in Schwerin there are 28 schools providing general education with 10,265 pupils, including nine independent schools with a total of 2,736 pupils.

In addition, there are also 4 private colleges here with about 1,000 students.

Leisure facilities The city of Schwerin maintains a large number of leisure facilities. These include playgrounds and sports fields, an indoor swimming pool, a zoo, diverse parks, museums and galleries.
Utility services

Local public transport in Schwerin offers a good route network with trams and buses. In addition, there are several stations served by the regional rail network, while the Main Railway Station connects to the long-distance railway service of the Deutsche Bahn.


Overall, the State Capital Schwerin offers a good infrastructure and medical care as well as diverse shopping facilities.



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