Oranje Route - On the traces of the Dutch Royal Family

© Anibal Trejo

The Oranje Route

Did you know, that among King Willem-Alexander's ancestors where members of the grandducal family of Mecklenburg-Schwerin? Many cities in Germany and in the Netherlands are connected by the history of the royal family of Oranien-Nassau. Travel the "Oranje Route" and follow the footprints of one of the most influential noble families today.

2400 km of history

The Oranje Route is a round trip of about 2400km length from Amsterdam, through nine federal states of Germany and back to Amsterdam. There are 35 cities and regions to discover with historical buildings, castles and interesting museums connected to the house of Oranien-Naussau for centuries. Plan your trip as you like by car or by bike.

Schwerin's connection to the royal family

Schwerin is one of the most eastern Stations of the Oranje Route, but has truely royal things to see. Heinrich prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin married Queen Wilhelmina in 1901 in den Haag. He was raised in Schwerin Castle and played in the magnificent gardens around the castle. You can still visit them today.

A special connection - Connected by Art

The marriage of Heinrich and Wilhelmina gave a new quality to the connection between Mecklenburg-Schwerin and the Netherlands. Though a true, strong and longlasting love was already binding both states together: The love of the dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin for the old masters of the Golden Age of Dutch Art. The dukes were real experts of Dutch masterpieces of fine arts and collected a vast amount of paintings. Today you can visit their collection at Schwerin State Gallery, which has one of the most complete collections of dutch and flemish fine art of the 16th and 17th century in Europe.