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Events and Highlights

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Awakening in Spring

Every year Schwerin greets spring time with a street festival. Musicians, artists, actors and fantasy figures walk among visitors of Schwerin city. Be excited for magic moments.

22nd to 23th of April

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© Landeshauptstadt Schwerin

UNESCO World Heritage Day

At the first sunday in June clubs and associations from Schwerin join up to create an informational event around the application of Schwerin for UNESCO World Heritage. Lectures, guided tours, presentations and performances give details and insights about the cultural landscape that was formed during the centuries to create the residential town with all its glorious buildings, parkes and more of - stories-.

4th of June

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Castle Festival

A ride through 160 years of history. From victorian times at saturday to modern politics on sunday. There is no better way to experience what is special about this beautiful town.


23rd to 25th of June


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© Silke Winkler

Die Schlossfestspiele - Richard Wagner - Der Ring ohne Worte

Anniversary concert on the occasion of the 460th birthday of the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin.

The Ring without Words is an ingenious compilation by Maestro Lorin Maazel that gets to the heart of the essence of Wagner's masterpiece in 70 minutes. A concert experience of a special kind, with which the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin brings to life its extraordinary tradition, especially in the Wagner repertoire!

30 June 2023, 7:30 p.m.


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Die Schlossfestspiele - Little Miss Sunshine

When Olive learns that she has subsequently been awarded the victory in the regional Little Miss Sunshine contest, she wants to travel to the nationwide decision and win the competition. Since she is the youngest member of the family, the rest of the Hoovers want to drive her there personally. From then on, six very different people have to come to terms with each other in the confines of the yellow VW bus.

The humorous film of the same name won 2 Oscars, including for best screenplay.

Dates: From 1 July 2023, 7 or 8:30 p.m.

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© Silke Winkler

Die Schlossfestspiele - MeckProms: Ein Amerikaner in Schwerin

This year, the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin and its First Chapelmaster Levente Török have works by American composers in their picnic basket, from Gershwin's "An American in Paris" to the most popular Hollywood classics, garnished with many surprises and sing-along moments.

7 July 2023

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© Rainer Cordes

Gourmet Gardens

In July for three days Schwerin Castle Garden become the most beautiful garden restaurant in town. Enjoy best of the best of regional products and local cooks as well as a wonderful stage performance with all sorts of elegant music.

28th to 30th of July

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© Niclas Rühl

Dragon Boat Festival

Originally the colorful Dragon Boats have their origins in Asia. In Schwerin with its many lakes they quickly became a widespread tradition. Once a year at the Dragon Boat races people from all over Germany come together to fight for medals on a small lake right in the city centre.

18th to 20th of August

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Wine Festival

Vintage Wine Festivals are a Southern German tradition. Vineyards from Rheinland Pfalz bring their best products to Schwerin's historic market square. Taste the spirit of a German "Weinfest".

31st of August to 3rd of September

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© Christina Korr/Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin


This celebration of the friendship between the city of Lubeck and the Schwerin is taking place in November. It dates back to a medieval traditional festival around St.Martin's day. Just like in a fairy tale Schwerin celebrates three full days and makes you travel back in time.

10th to 12th November

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Christmas Market

Warm up for the festive Season. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets and Schwerin has a very beautiful one. It takes place right in the middle of the old town and casts the magic spell of christmas over the whole city.

open throughout December (except 24th and 25th)
daily opening hours from about 11 am to about 8 pm

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