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Food and Drink

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There are plenty of cafés and restaurants offering a variety of food, snacks, drinks and more. Some of our restaurants and cafés were already there for guests for several hundreds of years. Others offer a magnificent view along with great food. You can taste original dishes from Mecklenburg and Northern Germany or try specialities from the Mediterraenean and more.

What kind of food and drink is special for the area around Schwerin?

Typical dishes from Mecklenburg are hearty. They usually include potatoes (Potatoes were imported in the 18th century), local vegetables and meat. The cuisine of the area is famous for fresh fish (like eel) and meat from wild animals like deer, boar or duck. Some very common local dishes include local fruits such as apple or plum and often taste a bit sweet-and-sour or hearty-sweet.

List of some local specialities from Mecklenburg/ Northern Germany, which sometimes have funny names:

  • Potato Soup (with or without plums and bacon)
  • Sandthorn
  • Mecklenburger Götterspeise: dessert with fruit, whipped cream, rum and black bread
  • Rote Grütze (sweet fruit dish)
  • Roasted Ribs (Mecklenburger Rippenbraten)
  • Filled Duck (with plums or apples)
  • Cucumber stew, cabbage stew,
  • Black pudding
  • "Heaven and Earth" - Potatoes and apples sometimes added with bacon and sausage
  • Several sorts of beer
  • Grog - tea with alcohol

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  • Wallenstein Restaurant & Café

    Werderstraße 140, 19055 Schwerin


  • Herzogliche Dampfwäscherei

    Großer Moor 56, 19055 Schwerin


  • Restaurant Lukas (not accepting American Express)

    Großer Moor 5, 19055 Schwerin


  • Schlossgartenpavillon "Ars Vivendi"

    Lennéstraße 2 a, 19053 Schwerin


  • Restaurant Café Friedrichs

    Friedrichstraße 2, 19055 Schwerin


  • Schwerin Castle Café

    Lennéstrasse 1, 19053 Schwerin


  • Weinhaus Wöhler

    Puschkinstraße 26, 19055 Schwerin


  • Zur Guten Quelle

    Schusterstraße 12, 19055 Schwerin


  • Restaurant Hotel Niederländischer Hof

    Alexandrinenstraße 12/13, 19055 Schwerin


  • Restaurant "Aurum" Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee

    Speicherstraße 11, 19055 Schwerin


  • Kartoffelhaus Nr.1

    Buschstraße 14, 19053 Schwerin


  • Durante - Italian Restaurant

    Großer Moor 2, 19055 Schwerin


  • Restaurant "Zum Stadtkrug" (not accepting American Express)

    Wismarsche Str. 126, 19055 Schwerin


  • Zeppelin XXXL Restaurant (not accepting American Express)

    Wismarsche Str. 126 - 128 - Schweriner Höfe, Capitolhof