Baltic Industrial Park

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Covering an area of 350 hectares, the Baltic Industrial Park offers one of the largest industrial land potentials in the Hamburg metropolitan region for a wide range of businesses. 200 hectares are still available. The Industrial Park is located on the southern outskirts of Schwerin, close to the A 24 motorway in the direction of Hamburg and the A 14 motorway in the direction of Wismar and Magdeburg. It is an attractive commercial location both for national and international companies. Nine companies have already established themselves there. The Industrial Park is fully developed and belongs to the State Capital Schwerin. The marketing is undertaken by the Office of Urban Development and the Economy.


Total area 350 hectares
Area still available 200 hectares
Area data

Land-use Plan 39/00, plot 2 and 9 (diverse parcels), Göhren/Krebsförden district

GI utilisation (as an industrial zone) is defined in the land-use plan

The site occupancy index is 0.8 and the cubic index is 10

The minimum distance to the next housing development is 800 metres

Night and shift operations are permitted

Accessible via Motorways

The A24 and A14 motorways and the nearby B104, B106 and B 321 federal highways

Accessible via Ports

It is only 100 kilometres to the Port of Hamburg, 40 km to the Wismar Seaportand 115 km to the Rostock International Seaport.

Accessible via Airports The next Airprts are Schwerin/Parchim (SZW), Hamburg (HAM), Rostock Airport (RLG)

Business tax 450%

Property tax A 400%

Property tax B 595%

average height of 60 m above sea level

Site geology

stable layers of fine and medium sand up to an investigated depth of 18-25 metres

Purchase information

Purchase directly from the State Capital Schwerin, bidding process, guideline value €12 /m² immediately available starting at 2 hectares


Baltic Industrial Park

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State Capital Schwerin - Department of Economics and Tourism

Mrs Kathrin Hoffmann

Am Packhof 2-6
19053 Schwerin

+49 385 545 1652

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