Castle Chapel Schwerin

© Christina Korr

The small castle church is located on the north side of the castle island. It impresses with a golden star-sprinkled roof and a wonderful interior. Additionally, is has an active church community and is a hotspot for wedding ceremonies. If there is no church service or wedding ceremony taking place the church can be visited on request.


“This looks exactly like the cathedral of Cologne!” You can hear visitors say that often as they stand in front of the small church on the castle island. The building was made of smooth sandstone and reminds of medieval cathedrals. It is decorated with tracery, gothic windows and gargoyles. The connection to the cathedral of Cologne is no surprise. In the 19th century it was restyled as a neo-gothic church by Ernst Friedrich Zwirner, church architect from Cologne.

The inside of the church does not lack glory, but seems cozy and personal at the same time.  Visitors find themselves under a blue and golden night sky. The balconies are beautifully decorated, painted in shining colors, and surrounded by ornaments, angels, and biblical motives based on the evangelistic salvation themes. The evangelistic-Lutheran castle church community holds services on a regular basis. Additionally, they host weddings and baptisms.

Opening hours/ Guided Tours/ Visits

May be visited on request (previous appointment necessary), when there is no church service. Is also part of the guided tour "From cellar to dome" if church services permit it. Contact chapel Community for more information.