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Schwerin Castle


Schwerin Castle

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Surrounded by a wonderful landscape composed of lakes and forests Schwerin Castle looks like a fairy tale castle come true. It is the landmark for the town of Schwerin and even more for the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Until about 100 years ago it has been the ducal residence of the Grandduke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Today it is still the center of power in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, because it is the seat of parliament. You can visit the museum at Schwerin Castle.


Visit the Castle

A stroll along the paths of the garden shows the mastery of the garden architects Klett and Lenné. In summer (April - October)  there is a Café the orangery directly at the base of the main tower. In Winter (November - March) you can eat and drink at the Schlosscafé inside of Schwerin Castle.

Tickets and Guided Tours

Tickets to visit the castle can be bought at the museums office. We highly recommend to take the guided tour so you can discover secrets and stories behind the objects and rooms. If you want to take a guided tour, please contact the museum so a guide in your language will be available. A guided tour costs € 60,00 per group (up to 25 people). Audioguides are available in a variety of languages as well and cost € 2 per person.

Schwerin Castle Museum A part of the castle is a museum today. You can take a walk through living rooms, reception rooms, drawing rooms and parlours of the grandducal family. Especially worth visiting are the throne rooms, the weapons collection and a beautiful collection of porcelain. Alles lesen... Schwerin Castle Gardens Schwerin Castle and the Parks surrounding it are a masterpiece of horticulture and architecture. Especially the Castle Garden, that surrounds the castle has lots of secret and beautiful details. Explore the gardens. Alles lesen... Café and Restaurant Take a seat at the castles Café and enjoy coffee and cake. The view is magnificent and the style is indeed royal. Alles lesen... Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Parliament In 1990 Schwerin and its castle had great luck. It became the seat of the parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Because of that, it was possible to save this magnificent building for future generations. You can find out more about current restauration and the work of the Parliament here. Alles lesen... Holiday Packages: Royal Moments We offer holiday packages for Schwerin tourists and help planning your whole trip. Take advantage of our knowledge of our city, leave the planning to us and just enjoy a wonderful trip into a fairytale city. Alles lesen... Castle Church The enchanting Castle Church has a wonderful interior including a painted nightsky with golden stars. A hot spot for services, wedding ceremonies it is best to check before if it is open for visitors at the time you arrive. Alles lesen... Guided Tours Schwerin Palace is famous for its throne apartments. Following Napoleon’s example, these rooms were built in a ceremonial order, which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe today. Alles lesen... History and Facts Find out when and why Schwerin Castle was built. Explore the history and the stories around Schwerin Castle. Hint: History comes to life every year in june at the Castle Festival. Alles lesen... Haunted Castle Yes, Schwerin castle is haunted. As a watchman and guardian of the Palace, "Little Peter" was supposed to reward the good and honest, whereas he punished evil people with mean tricks. Find out about him. Alles lesen... Oranje Route The Oranje Route leads you through the Netherlands and Germany on the traces of the royal family of the Netherlands. You can travel by car or by bike. On the way fortresses, castles and beautiful places are waiting to tell you stories about Kings and Queens. Alles lesen...

How to get to Schwerin

Directions and locations

Schwerin Castle is located in directly within the city of Schwerin in Germany. It is the capital city of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Schwerin castle is easily reachable by train, by bus and by car from Berlin and from Hamburg. If you want to take the plane to travel to Schwerin, take flights to Berlin Airport, Hamburg Airport (about an hour) or the Airport at Rostock Laage and go on by train.  Many guests also visit the castle coming from ferries or cruise ships from Rostock and Warnemunde.  Traveling from Rostock to Schwerin by train is very convenient and takes about an hour. If you are using a ferry or a cruise ship arriving at Wismar you can get to Schwerin castle by car in about 45 Minutes or you go by train from Wismar to Schwerin via Bad Kleinen.

 Information about train connections here

From Hamburg to Schwerin Castle it is less than 2 hours by car or by train. Leave the train at Schwerin Mitte or Schwerin Central Station (Schwerin hbf - Hauptbahnhof). From there it is an easy 20 Minutes walk to the castle. You can also take a taxi from Schwerin Central Station. From Berlin to Schwerin Castle it takes about 2,5 hours by car or by train, there is also a bus to Schwerin (Central Station) from Berlin operating daily.
Information about the Bus Line here