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Schwerin Castle Museum

© Timo Roth

A variety of towers are reaching into the sky, on top of them golden domes and sparkling pinnacles. The museum shows the splendor of ducal times with beautiful rooms, weapons, fine china and silver. It is open to visitors.


On its own island, surrounded by romantic parks and lakes, Schwerin Castle can be considered one of the most significant architectural creations of the romantic historicism era in Europe. The magnificent living and ball rooms, including the throne room and ancestor gallery, will impress you with their large collections of plastic and picturesque decorations.

The Schwerin castle cannot be overlooked. It is an eye-catcher no matter the angle. The castle rises monumental and majestic into the sky and despite its size with 635 separate rooms the castle seems light and graceful due to its incredible love for detail. Numerous windows, corners, columns, oriels, balustrades, golden ornaments and figures divide only add to its beauty.

On the floors, the museum exhibits include precious paintings, sculptures, and crafts mainly from Schwerin’s most glamorous era, the 19th century. Special highlights are the porcelain collection, the newly opened silver chamber, as well as the extensive collection of ducal hunting and parade weapons.


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Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm
Closed on Mondays